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Looking for the perfect tomato for a small yard? Need a smaller tomato for containers? Want a red ripe tomato with taste and flavor this summer...but you live in a Condo, Apartment or have a small yard?

As soon as your Dwarf tomato seedlings emerge you notice something different and exciting. Our experience has been that they grow very vigorously. As they continue their rapid growth you'll see very thick stems and dark green leaves that grow a thick and heavy foliage...several looking as much like a potato leaf as a tomato leaf.

Penny and team had an absolute blast growing these smaller and more compact Dwarf Varieties. We found them easy to grow and producing a nice crop of mouthwatering, juicy Tomatoes that are about the same size as their full sized relatives.

Just look at the huge variety of Dwarf Tomatoes. There are lots of colors, shapes and flavors in the Dwarf Tomatoes. The plants are supported by a thick stem. We found them relatively easy to grow.
Penny's Tomatoes TM Pic

You instantly see a lush, healthy growth pattern on this Dwarf tomato at only 4 leafs. Penny's Tomato TM picture

We got 100% germination on these Tiny Dwarf tomatoes. Wow...that must be a first. TM pic for Penny's Tomatoes

Can you believe this lush and vigorous growth pattern on our Dwarf tomato? Exclusive Penny's Tomato image/pictures

Grower Suzy Sandlin was meticulous in her labeling detail. In the foreground is the Yukon Quest Dwarf Tomato. Penny's TM pic

You can grow more tomato plants per square foot as you can see with these 3 Dwarf Tomatoes in one container.

The Dwarf Tomatoes grow fast and rapid so get ready for juicy and tasty tomatoes. Penny's Tomatoes TM pictures.

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We have Cherry Tomatoes, Patio Tomatoes, Bush Tomatoes, San Marzano's and Dwarf Tomatoes.

Now EVERYONE can grow a vine ripened tomato from seed.

Here's some available right now....

Cherry Tomatoes...Natures Candy. TM

Beautiful Cherry Tomatoes TM Pic

What a rainbow of colors in these Cherry Tomatoes. TM Pic

Black Tomatoes are SO Tasty.

Penny's favorite Cherry Tomato TM Pic

Black Tomatoes are among the best tasting tomato TM Pic

I'm Tomato-Ly Yours,

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