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I love to give away FREE Seeds. So I will give you several ways how to get your free Tomato seeds in a minute.

When you place an order you get 3 packs of Free Seeds. WOW. No other Seed Company in the World (That I know of) sends you 3 packs of Free Seeds. Why do I do it? Simple. I want you to remember Penny's Tomatoes. I want you to buy from us. I want you as a Customer for life.

All these are awesome seeds...recognize seed varieties like Ponderosa Red , Pineapple Tomato, Rutgers, Roma Tomatoes, Yellow Plum, Costoluto Genovese Tomatoes??? These are the type of quality seeds that we'll send you. Often a $15 value including Shipping. FREE. But that's not all. I throw in Seeds that we're testing for next year. Or seeds that my best customers sent me to try out. Or seeds from other countries that we're interested in. You just never know....

Want to win some Free Seeds today??
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You'll be listed in the 'Winners Circle" for the whole world to see.

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