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Giant Tomatoes
Monster Tomatoes
Humungous tomatoes

It is actually easy to grow Giant, Monster tomatoes if you have a long enough season. They do take longer to grow and ripen due to their size so you have to start them indoors to get a jumpstart.

Here's a few tips to grow your Giant tomatoes.

  • Start plenty early
  • Harden off transplants
  • Mix into transplant hole a small shovel full each of Composted Cow manure or compost and sand (unless you have sandy soil). Mix well. This gives the 'root zone' a great start.
  • Plant your transplants with 1/2 of the Tomato plant buried. Yes...50% buried. Gives your future plant a great root anchoring to handle the humongous tomatoes.
  • Stake Well. Your Giant tomatoes need support.
  • Fertilize well. I like a Fish Emulsion fertilizer applied every two week. Miracle gro will work if you're not organic. On the in between weeks do a foliar spray...I rotate Epsom salt (2 tbsl with water in a spray bottle) and seaweed spray. Also, I apply a slow release fertilizer like Bone Meal when plants have 8 or 10 leaves....and a quick release like Blood meal. Big Tomatoes are heavy feeders.
  • Genetics are key. Pick seeds that will grow you big tomatoes.
sicilian saucer
Our Sicilian Saucer is one HUGE tomato.
Giant syrian tomato
The Giant Syrian Tomato deserves the name Giant.
italian giant tomato
Italian Giant tomato is Big!
customer tomato
Customer James Ferrigno grew this monster tomato
customer tomato
Customer Steve Olsen is proud of his Giant Tomato
customer tomato
Customer Liz Kregli needs a bigger hand to hold her Monster tomato
Monsters in a box
My exclusive "Monster Tomatoes in a Box" has all of the Huge Tomatoes at a nice $avings
Gigantic Tomatoes
WE specialize in Gigantic Tomatoes at Penny's Tomatoes

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