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Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Versus Hybrid Seeds?

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

What’s the difference between an Heirloom seed and a hybrid seed?  Well most of the tomatoes that you purchase from grocery stores have been grown in a green house from hybrid seeds that have been genetically altered by heat and chemical treatments that supposedly makes them more resistant to disease (Not to mention they are usually gassed instead of vine ripened too but that’s a whole other story) They have most likely been fertilized with chemical fertilizers as well.  So if you want a "Genuine" tomato, its best to purchase "Heirloom" tomato seeds, Heirloom Tomato Plants or "Open Pollinated" seeds and grow your own. Once you have your first crop, you can start saving the seeds from your own tomatoes. This way, you will know exactly where your tomatoes came from and what fertilizers were used to grow them.  

Also beware that some of my competitor sell seeds that are marked “Not fit for human or animal consumption” and that scares me.  Penny’s Tomatoes is a big believer in organic gardening and not in genetically altered seeds or harmful chemicals so my seed selection is 100% Heirloom or open pollinated.

Another way to tell a Fresh, Juicy and Tasty Heirloom Tomato?  They smell.  When you cut it open...WOW...that Fresh Tomato aroma!  You just can't beat it.

My prediction...sometime in the future...with all of the crazy things being done to seeds by big companies, like Dupont... Heirloom Tomato Seeds or non hybrid seeds will be worth more than Gold.  Think about it.  All vegetable seeds should be so valuable.


Penny Mohney


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