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  I won't PANIC...
and won't get MANIC...
I'm just a FANATIC...
for everything ORGANIC.
Organic Tomatoes
When I moved to South Carolina the soil is what the locals call 'Gumbo'. Black Clay. They key to breaking up a clay soil is Sand. The key to a soil too Sandy...add Humous content. Wherever I garden, I love to add Bone Meal, Blood Meal and Cottonseed Meal to my soil. Next are my FREE Organic fertilizers.. I like shredded leaves in the Fall, Grass Clippings (from natural lawns with no spraying), Coffee Grounds and Eggshells...FREE from Coffee Shops and Restaurants. Sawdust and Wood Ashes work too. Use some common sense to stay not getting sawdust from pressure treated wood. Tree companies will actually drop off right to your door a big pile of Wood Chips. They save money on the Trash Dump fee.
They are your best friend. I actually bought earthworm eggs online to establish a healthy population. 4 years ago my soil didn't have one earthworm when I moved here. NOW, I'm loaded with these incredible feats of Mother Nature as they leave their fertile castings behind for the perfect fertilizer.
They LOVE Coffee Grounds..they get on them "Like a Chicken on a Junebug". Hey, I learned some Southern lingo down here. My Friend Pepper Joe is "Hottern' a Texas Sidewalk in Juuuuuly".
Chemical-Free Produce

Know what NEVER Bugs me? Good Bugs. Our best Organic friends for Organic Tomato Seed are Lady Bugs and Praying Mantis: Once you foster a good Praying Mantis population (You can buy egg clusters online) You can gather up egg clusters in the fall from bushes in surrounding areas and attach them to your bushes to bolster the population. They have up to 300 eggs in the golf-ball sized cluster. They are veracious predators of the Bad Bugs and garden pests.
Ladybugs: Their favorite meal are Aphids. They can devour up to 50 aphids a day. They eat a lot of garden pests that include Scale insects and Plant mites. They sense their food with their Antennae.
A good way to establish a healthy population is to buy them initially and Mother Nature takes over from there.
Vegetarian Cooking

Bats can be a great friend of your garden. Another garden pest predator, they can consume hundreds of bugs per evening. Check out on the internet how to construct bat houses.
And Birds: What a great Organic buddy. You'll grow a ton of Organic Tomatoes and Organic Vegetables with them in the area. So just simply encourage them to hang around with Bird Feeders and a Birdbath. Your Organic Garden will love you for it.
Organic Fertilizers are easy to find. I love Fish Emulsion and Seaweed Spray for a foliar spray. I alternate the two every week.These are Quick-Release fertilizers that give your Organic produce a shot-in-the-arm. I gave you a ton of FREE slow release fertilizer choices above.
Organic Gardening

Organic Pesticides can be found easily online as well.
I like Dormant Oil Spray for my fruit trees. I like stale beer put in a flat tray, pushed into the soil at soil level to trap and kill Slugs. My overall preference is Insecticidal Soap Spray. I make my own with 1/2 tbs. of dishsoap mixed with water in a spray bottle. A direct hit is best. How does it work? It kills soft-bodied insects like Aphids and Caterpillars that breathe through their bodies by suffocating them. It kills hard bodied insects like Potato Beetles by giving them a terminal case of Dysentery. What a way to Go! Do you know the biggest enemy to getting Plump tomatoes, Tasty Tomatoes , Red Ripe Tomatoes and our favorites... Organic Tomatoes... is...the Tomato Hornworm.
Organic Movement
Organic Tomatoes           Chemical-Free Produce


Just LOOK at how nasty he is. He has a natural enemy that eventually gets him every season...a wasp that lays his eggs in him and the larva hatch and devour him alive...but by then he's laid eggs, and can do so much damage to your Tomato plants and Tomato Blossoms that your plants will look like someone took a Shotgun to them and destroyed them. Look, Mother Nature can be glaringly brutal.
BUT, all is fair in Love, War, and the Quest for the perfect, delicious Organic Tomato. My favorite way to take out this perfect Tomato Enemy? DO YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH? CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? (Jack Nicholson) Blast them with a Spray? Have a natural Predator Chomp them up? Go to war with and Organic smoke bomb?
Nah...just gather them up in early summer...they leave tiny black droppings on the plant so that you can easily find them..and destroy them.

The Organic Movement is in full swing. Man, am I happy about that. You can find Organic produce and an Organic Food section in virtually every Supermarket. Right now the prices are slightly higher than chemical laced produce, but as the demand grows that can shift. Is Organic better for you?
I think so and there is now scientific evidence to back that up. Spinach had 200 milligrams of Iron 1/4 of a Century it has 15 milligrams of Iron. Do you think Popeye can still get his strength from Spinach? That is frightening. The loss of Iron in the soil is caused by using chemical fertilizers that 'strip' out the nutrients and give nothing back to the soil in return. They Good News? You can reverse this trend by doing Organic Gardening at home. Adding rich fertilizers like Compost, Cow Manure, Grass Clippings, Shredded leaves, Coffee Grounds, Egg Shells, etc. will add valuable nutrients back to the soil that your plants absorb, and then you get the direct benefit.
I believe in exercising, nutrition and fresh, wholesome, organic foods. I'm not a fanatic. I love my glass of wine. I'll occasionally indulge in some cheap Carbs...although usually I go for the good Carbs. But I like to put the Odds in my favor by living a healthy lifestyle. "Don't Panic, Eat Organic"
Organic Gardening

When we created my tomato Matrix, I insisted that at least 40% of my selection be Organic. Although some of my customers don't care, I think I'm helping them by providing a good wholesome seed (at no extra cost).
I would be nervous if I were you to buy seeds labeled "Not fit for Human or animal Consumption". And we're supposed to grow that and eat the produce? NOT ME. I won't sell Treated seeds, Seeds that have been Genetically altered or Chemical seeds of any kind. My non-organic seeds are inspected by me personally to meet my quality standards.

. Organically yours,

. Organic Movement

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