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Non GMO Seeds
Tastiest Tomatoes from good seeds
Best tasting tomatoes = best seeds

It's all about the right seeds. At Penny's Tomatoes we refuse to sell GMO Seeds, or any type of Genetically modified seeds. Our seeds are chemical free.... no chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. No machines, all seeds are hand picked.

What we do is hand pick our seeds using only organic fertilizers and insecticides. Only non gmo seeds. WE use plenty of fresh air and sunshine to dry our seeds.

If you want tasty tomatoes, I mean red ripe tomatoes with the juice dripping down your chin, this is the ONLY way to go. We think our superior seeds produce the tastiest tomatoes in the world. Also, with top varieties like the Black Sea man tomato and the Pineapple tomato how can you miss? They win taste test contest all over the world for tomatoes that taste the best.

cured seeds
Penny's Tomato seeds are cured with fresh air and sunshine.
extraction process
Penny also uses a proprietary water extraction process to produce superior seeds and tasty tomatoes
no chemicals
No chemicals, no gmo seeds, no machines....
ripe tomatoes
Penny's seeds are processed from red, ripe tomatoes.
healthy color
You can count on a tasty tomato that is non gmo with it's healthy color
organic tomato
An organic tomato is bursting with color and is so juicy
delicious tomato
A delicious tomato belongs on every platter.

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