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Processionary remedies: tips and ideas

Beating the processionary process requires targeted interventions but do-it-yourself methods should be excluded as they could be dangerous for health and inefficient. It is well known: when spring comes, nature is reborn, flowers and leaves sprout on the trees, animals come out of hibernation, but with the arrival of this beautiful season the processionary is also coming out. Let’s find out how to deal with this pest and what are […]

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Bollards for Volatiles and Species of Weird Birds

Volatile removal in certain circumstances may prove essential to avoid a number of unpleasant consequences. Indeed, some species of birds can prove to be pests, especially in conurbations. Examples include starlings, which are harmful to both agriculture and humans due to the proliferation of pathogenic fungi in their excrement. As well as pigeons nesting on ledges and spreading fleas and ticks. This is why it is important to adopt appropriate […]

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Cockroaches disinfestation at home

Cockroaches are small insects that, during the course of time, have adapted to live in the most common places, finding a particular residence in the houses and offices. Especially in private houses, the disinfestation of cockroaches in the house would be able to prevent unpleasant visits by small animals, but also to maintain the good state of health of the present furniture, their best dish. Disinfecting one’s own home would […]

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