Cockroaches disinfestation at home

Cockroaches disinfestation at home

Cockroaches are small insects that, during the course of time, have adapted to live in the most common places, finding a particular residence in the houses and offices. Especially in private houses, the disinfestation of cockroaches in the house would be able to prevent unpleasant visits by small animals, but also to maintain the good state of health of the present furniture, their best dish.

Disinfecting one’s own home would lead to considerable advantages for man and would make life impossible for the animals in question.

Disinfesting with baits

But the disinfestation of cockroaches in the house is not carried out as in the past, that is, that the man had to leave his home and let the workers act with highly toxic gas. There are now alternative strategies on the market to prevent this phenomenon, and use advion cockroach gel bait is one example.

The United States was the first to experiment with them and, given the success that followed, these stratagems have spread like wildfire to the rest of the world. What was proposed was the use of gel baits, which if placed in highly strategic places, can attract and kill cockroaches. This type of “attack” is the one chosen by the companies of disinfestation of the cockroaches in the house, as it is a limited area and, thanks to its reduced size, it would be able to have a higher margin of success than in much larger areas.

The advantages of using them

The use of baits brings many advantages: they are small, have a very high percentage of efficiency and, not least, are not invasive for humans.

Those who have to disinfest their cockroaches at home and opt for baits can quickly see how easily they can be applied. Their implementation does not require the help of external agents or additional applications, but can be placed simply by placing them in the chosen location.

Moreover, their use can be prolonged over and over again, because the active agents of which they are formed attract a relatively high number of cockroaches. The active ingredients mentioned above, are simple agents that remain in the body of the cockroach and, when the latter produces faeces, another cockroach is attracted and ingested will die, because they will be present in the chemical element of the bait. A domino effect that will raise the level of quality of the disinfestation of cockroaches in the house, managing to achieve the goal of eliminating them almost completely.

Problems and solutions

The long use of bait, especially in the USA, has also changed the “taste” of insects. It has been noted that cockroaches refused bait because they were no longer attracted by their appetite. Scholars, noticing the change, set to work and changing some ingredients have formed a bait for the disinfestation of cockroaches in the house completely new.

It is important not to abuse the dosage, in order not to risk that the cockroaches, in the long run, get used to both the smell and the taste of the bait, becoming immune to their main functionality.

If baits fail to prevent insects from coming and being eliminated, there are other ways to disinfest cockroaches at home. For example, if there are fractures or cracks in the wall that facilitate the passage of cockroaches, just repair or close them, thus eliminating any passage of small animals.

Other types of disinfectants

Other systems, very similar to baits, are adhesives that attract insects and disinfect cockroaches at home effortlessly and with harmful products. These, once stuck in the areas with more presence of insects, attract, thanks to the smell, the cockroaches and the adhesive functionality “grabs” the cockroach, preventing their escape.

These stratagems are effective, but gel baits are the best choice for both pest control companies and people, because they guarantee a high level of effectiveness and, above all, their chemical agents are not harmful to people.

The disinfestation of cockroaches in the house will free the house from unwanted visits by small animals, which can also harm the furniture. Wood is the best dish for these animals, as are the kitchen foods found inside the furniture.

Finding open packages or a door eaten is not aesthetically pleasing to see, as it is also not hygienically wrong. Preventing this phenomenon by pest control of cockroaches in the home is now simple and inexpensive, thanks to their long-lasting use and high quality efficiency

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