Do-it-yourself aeroponics at home

Do-it-yourself aeroponics at home

Today our article is devoted to such a growing method as aeroponics. Let us analyze what it is, what are the options for organizing aeroponics at home, and also give short instructions on how to make an aeroponic installation with your own hands. Let’s start with the definition! Are you know about marijuana boosters?

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a plant growing system that works by spraying a nutrient solution onto the roots of a plant. The roots themselves are placed in a closed container with a constant supply of oxygen. Typically for aeroponic cultivation, on an industrial scale, special vertical columns or multi-level greenhouse complexes are used.

It is also important to note one feature of this method, when using aeroponics, active root growth occurs, sometimes to the detriment of the upper part of the plant. Based on this feature, aeroponic installations are often used for growing potatoes.

DIY aeroponics

So, to organize aeroponics at home, you will need:

  • – plastic container (with or without lid);
  • – water pump;
  • – a tank with a nutrient solution;
  • – flexible hose;
  • – nozzles;

We have compiled a small step-by-step instruction on how to independently assemble an aeroponic installation at home:

  1. 1) We attach the flexible hose to the nozzle and place this structure at the bottom of the container. We carefully seal all joints with silicone or clamps;
  2. 2) Connect the water pump to the tank with the nutrient solution. It is advisable to equip the system with a timer, since the frequency is important in spraying;
  3. 3) We connect a hose with a nozzle to the pump and start the system;
  4. 4) We plant the plants. There are several options here: make a hole in the container lid or use foam or other suitable material.

Alternative option

Another option for implementing an aeroponic system with your own hands is to use an air compressor. The design itself remains the same as in the first version. However, an air compressor is used instead of a pump. It is needed to pressurize the nutrient solution tank. In this case, the nutrient solution tank must be completely sealed in order to withstand the pressure.

All connections from the compressor and the nutrient solution tank to the nozzle must be tight. Also, for greater efficiency of the nozzle, it is necessary to place a solenoid valve in front of it, which opens the nozzle under pressure and then closes.

Summing up, we can say that it is not difficult to assemble an aeroponic installation on your own. In addition, all the materials used can be easily found in the nearest All for Garden store. As a rule, do-it-yourself aeroponics for home does not require expensive components; it is quite possible to use elements of household appliances.  However, if you don’t want to waste time organizing aeroponics with your own hands, we can offer you a turnkey solution – the Aerofarm installation from GHE. 

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