Kill Roaches the Easy Way

Kill Roaches the Easy Way

So, you’re sick of trying to figure out new and creative ways to exterminate roaches, and wish you could have someone else worry about all the work and disgustingness involved? What if you had a machine perfectly adapted for hunting down and killing cockroaches? What if this machine was also cute, cuddly, and relaxing to have around the house?

Yes, it turns out that cats make great cockroach exterminators. With their naturally honed hunting instincts, cats will naturally prowl around the house and eat many of your roaches. Yes, I said eat. Though it sounds quite gross, cats will naturally most bugs they find, without any ill effects. It also keeps them highly amused in the process, so everyone wins, except for the blasted roaches!

What kind of cats make the best roach killing machines? Well, it doesn’t really matter too much. Some cats are more inclined than others to go prowl around and become your own personal roach exterminator, but its really hard to say before hand. However, all house cats have the hunting instinct, so any young and energetic cat you can find should do the job quite handily.

Of course, getting a cat isn’t the fastest way to kill all your roaches, nor is it for everyone. You must be willing to be patient, since your cat won’t just go on an all out mission to rid your house of roach like lifeforms the instant you let it in the door. Rather, it will be a gradual process, but a surprisingly thorough one given enough time. Also, you need to make sure you actually want to own a cat. More than just being a living roach exterminator, it is also a pet that needs love, care, and attention. Never forget this in making your decision. However, if you do decide to go with a cat, you will certainly be rewarded in more ways than one.

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