Natural Garden Pest Control for a Healthy Garden

Natural Garden Pest Control for a Healthy Garden

Gardening is a great way to feed your family nutritious foods while saving money. Many also choose to garden because they worry about the types of pesticides that are being used on produce purchased at the supermarket. And while many stores have organic produce available it is often very expensive.

Natural Garden Pest Control

Unfortunately, going the natural route may leave you with a garden full of hungry bugs and critters. From rabbits eating your lettuce to slugs, birds and insects making a meal out of your garden you may be tempted to give in and use pesticides. Instead of letting those pests win here are a few natural things that work well to control garden pests.

Scare Away the Birds with Movement

Have you ever seen those fake owls with bobbling heads in the middle of a vegetable garden? These do well in keeping the birds away due to the constant motion. Cheaper options include attaching disposable aluminum pans or old cds to heavy string around your garden. These will move around and reflect light, scaring the birds away.

Kill Slugs with Beer

Slugs are attracted to the smell of beer. Save old plastic lids with rims (from margarine tubs, Chinese takeout, etc), fill with a small amount of beer and place throughout your garden. The slugs will actually crawl in and drown.

Trap Japanese Beetles

You can buy scented traps for Japanese beetles for just a few dollars at home improvement stores. These traps will attract the beetles, who will fly in but wont be able to fly out. For best results hang several feet away from your garden since you want to draw them away from garden, not towards it. And while these beetle traps aren’t all natural, they are worth mentioning since they don’t need to be used in your garden.

Keep Furry Critters Away

You don’t want to hurt the rabbits, ground hogs or even your neighbor’s cat but you do want them to stay out of your garden! Animals respond to scent, the scent of another animal can contain a warning i.e. this territory is taken stay out! Other scents can discourage these animals from moving onto the property. Urine of predator animals used around (not in) the garden will keep a host of nuisance animals away. These scents will have to be reapplied after heavy rains to retain the potency of the scent. Since this are popular with hunters who are trying to mask their scent during hunting season you should be able to find products like this where hunting supplies are sold.

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