Roach Control: An Oxymoron

Roach Control: An Oxymoron

This article is all about answering one simple question: can you really ever control roaches? Many people who live in roach infested areas would probably say that you can’t. For these people, there is a familiar cycle where roaches are seen, a roach war begins, roaches die, and then roaches come back again a few months later. In this seemingly futile battle, it would appear that winning is impossible. Let’s see what awesome roach extermination tactics we can pull this time.

However, it may not have to be this way. Roaches, despite appearances, do not have magical powers that allow them to appear inside your house. Rather, they must either crawl in through some sort of opening, or hatch from eggs inside the house. If you kill all the egg laying roaches while making sure your house is roach tight, you stand a chance of never seeing one of the filthy creatures again.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. The first challenge is killing all the roaches. Be sure to read around the site and learn how to kill roaches. To briefly summarize, though, you’ll basically be soaking your house in boric acid, which is toxic to roaches. If you need an all out roach extinction (which you do), those less diligent with the borax might do well to find a roach exterminator, who will be able to lay down some series smack on those roaches. This is more expensive, sure, but it can be very thorough.

Once you’ve killed the roaches (or more like during the killing process), you need to get every single little hole in your house patched up. Many exterminators will offer this service, which can be great as it is super tedious. However, if you want to do it yourself, simply look over every square inch of your exterior and be sure that nothing, not even the smallest thing, can get inside. Thoroughly seal all the cracks with an appropriate material. If this is done properly, no roaches should be able to get inside.

In reality, achieving all this is quite difficult. Killing every single roach in the entire house might not be possible, and finding all the little small cracks in your house might be even harder. Still, if you take solid action in both these areas, you should at least reduce your problem down to at least a somewhat manageable level.

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