Why Are Roaches So Hard to Kill

Why Are Roaches So Hard to Kill

Those of you who have tried to exterminate roaches before know that they are not easy insects to kill. You can spray them, step on them, crush them, yet they still seem to somehow live on. As it turns out, roaches are one of the most well adapted and hardy species on this planet.

For one thing, they can survive without food and water for great lengths of time. There are some species that can go a month without any water, and three months without any food. Because of this, simple starving the roaches is not a valid extermination strategy. This also means that simply keeping your place clean will not prevent the roach invasion, since the can come in from the outside, and live for months even if you’re not providing them with any food or drink.

Additionally, roaches have the incredible creepy property of being able to survive without their head. How is the possible, you ask? Well, since they can survive without food and water for some time, they don’t need the head to eat. And since the breath out the side of their bodies, through small pores called spiracles they don’t need the head to breath. Also, their central nervous system are very different from mammals, so they don’t the the head to scamper around still.

In addition to all this, the outer shell of the roach is simply super tough, and hard to squash. It is also not poisoned easily, due to its simple nature and adaptation to a wide variety of toxic substances. Not cool at all.

So, I hope this helps you all see why your local roach exterminator doesn’t have that easy of a job. It’s not simply a matter of taking a few cans of Raid and killing all the roaches, it takes aggressive, all out warfare. Read more or check around for links on exterminating roaches here at the Roach Extermination Guide.

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